Asylum (2005)

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Movie Information


Movie: Asylum
Year: 2005
Cast: Natasha Richardson, Marton Csokas, Ian McKellen
Nudity: Yes
Erotic plot: Cheating Wife

Asylum is a 2005 movie about an extramarital affair between a married woman and one of her husband's patients. The husband works as a psychiatrist working in a mental health facility and is accompanied by his wife. An affair starts between her and one of the patients: a particularly dangerous man who gruesomely killed his wife.


  • Natasha Richardson
  • Marton Csokas
  • Ian McKellen

Erotic Plot[edit]

The erotic plot rests on the sexual tension between the wife and the mental patient, climaxing in a sexually charged affair. Unfortunately, the abusive nature of her relationship as well as the sad expression on her face mean take much of that erotic content.

Erotic Scenes[edit]

Brief nudity with some sex scenes.

Similar Movies[edit]

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