Bliss (1997)

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Movie Information


Movie: Bliss
Year: 1997
Cast: Craig Sheffer, Terence Stamp, Sheryl Lee
Nudity: Yes
Erotic plot: Cheating Wife

Bliss is a 1997 movie about a recently married couple consulting a sex therapist regarding trouble in the bedroom. The sex therapist introduces the husband to several techniques that finally bring his wife to orgasm. Interestingly, although implied and not directly shown, the sex therapist engages in sexual relations with the wife. The husband initially disproves of that, but ultimately becomes a patient of the sex therapist himself.


  • Craig Sheffer
  • Terence Stamp
  • Sheryl Lee

Erotic Plot[edit]

The erotic plot centers on the couple discovering their mutual sexuality and the ways the husband can bring pleasure to his wife.

Erotic Scenes[edit]

A few scenes with nudity between the couple, including:

  • 00:36: sex scene
  • 01:04: sex scene

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