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Website Information

Name: Czech Casting
Genre: Amateur
Subscription-based: Yes
In Operation: Yes
Official Website: Official Website

Czech Casting is a subscription-based, mature content provider specializing in casting videos. The website is provided by Czech Authentic Videos, a network of mature content providers. As of June 2017, the site provides approximately 1800 videos with a similar number of different girls.


The setting is relatively the same for all videos. The casting takes place on a couch in a plain room. The earlier videos were cast in a slightly different room and with an older camera, but it has since evolved.


The format is relatively consistent: the videos begin with the camerawoman talking to the girls about their sexual lives, including whether they are in a relationship, when they lost their virginity, favourite sexual positions as well as a variety of personal non-sexual details. This is then followed by a photo session in various poses. Finally, a softcore presentation in which the girl is left alone with the cameraman is done. Sometimes, the presentation evolves into hardcore intercourse. In others, it remains only a softcore presentation.
It is worthy of note that the face of the cameraman, called Ales, is never shown.

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There is a number of related sites, all provided by Czech Authentic Videos and claim to show amateurs in the Czech Republic. It is worthy of note there is significant cross-over in the actresses between the sites.

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