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Website Information

Name: Czech Massage
Genre: Voyeurism, Amateur
Subscription-based: Yes
In Operation: Yes
Official Website: Official Website

Czech Massage is a subscription-based, mature content provider specializing in massage videos. The website is provided by Czech Authentic Videos, a network of mature content providers. As of June 2017, the site provides approximately 340 videos with a similar number of different girls.


The setting is the same for all videos. The massage takes place on massage bed in a small, dimly-lit room. The filming is done such that actresses are not aware of the location of the cameras.


The format is relatively consistent: in general, the videos begin a woman entering a room, where the massage therapist instructs her to disrobe in an adjoining room. The woman is shown disrobing and then emerging in a towel to the massage room. She is instructed to take off the towel and lay, stomach-first, on the massage bed. The massage begins on the back and slowly proceeds to the legs. Afterwards, the woman is asked to turn around. At this point, the therapist will attempt to sexually massage the woman, including digital manipulation of her genitals. Some women are receptive, and it proceeds to sex. Others might stop the massage there.
It is worthy of note that the face of the massage therapist is shown. Multiple actors have appeared in this role.

Related Sites[edit]

There is a number of related sites, all provided by Czech Authentic Videos and claim to show amateurs in the Czech Republic. It is worthy of note there is significant cross-over in the actresses between the sites.

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