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Website Information

Name: Girls Do Porn
Genre: Amateur
Subscription-based: Yes
In Operation: Yes
Official Website: Official Website

Girls Do Porn is a subscription-based, mature content provider specializing in casting-like amateur acts. As of June 2017, the site provides approximately 400 videos with similar number of different girls (counting repeat appearances).


The setting is relatively the same. More often than not, it is filmed in a nice hotel room. The different shots alternate between the washroom and main room where the bed is.


The format is relatively consistent: the videos begin with the cameraman talking to the girls about their sexual lives, including whether they are in a relationship and when they lost their virginity. This is then followed by oral sex on a different guy. Finally, hardcore intercourse in several positions follow.
It is worthy of note that neither the man having sex nor the cameraman are identified or have their faces shown on camera.

Related Sites[edit]

A related site, provided by the same company, is Girls Do Toys. It follows a similar format, except that there is no hardcore sex acts. In their lieu, the featured girls play with several sex toys.

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