Lower Level (1991)

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Movie Information


Movie: Lower Level
Year: 1991
Cast: Elizabeth Gracen, Jeff Yagher, David Bradley
Nudity: Yes
Erotic plot: Cheating Wife

Lower Level is a 1991 movie about a security guy, who is obsessed with a woman and holds her hostage. Other themes explored in the movie include voyeurism.


  • Elizabeth Gracen
  • Jeff Yagher
  • David Bradley

Erotic Plot[edit]

The erotic plot rests on the voyeuristic elements initially, before it evolves into him holding the woman hostage and then attempting to seduce her. What follows is a classic thriller movie, where she escapes him.

Erotic Scenes[edit]

One sex scene without much shown. A random scene of him spying on her with brief nudity only.

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