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WikiErotica is a Wikipedia-style collaborative effort to systematically categorize and organize erotic content online. This can range from erotic movies, literature, and even mainstream movies with erotic scenes. Our goal is to create a massive library that is freely accessible and can be easily searched. We invite everyone to contribute to our project constructively and within the legal limits of their territory and the United States of America, where servers are located.


Why not Wikipedia?

Wikipedia only accepts encyclopedic content. By nature of the content we offer here, Wikipedia would neither accept nor keep erotic-focused content.

Is content accurate?

Yes, we encourage editors to provide sources for all their additions.

Can I Contribute

Yes, you can! In fact, anyone can contribute. Some pages are protected from editing because they are subject to frequent vandalism or are official policy, but they are by and large the minority. The vast majority of pages are open to editing and modifying.