Wild Cactus (1993)

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Movie Information


Movie: Wild Cactus
Year: 1993
Cast: India Allen, Michelle Moffett, David Naughton
Nudity: Yes
Erotic plot: Cheating Wife, Lesbian, Seduction, Kidnapping

Wild Cactus is a 1993 erotic movie about a married couple that takes a trip through the desert. They run into a murderous man and his psychopathic girlfriend, who commit crimes with an erotic flare. The murderous man tries to get rid of the male protagonist in the desert and then returns to the female who is now alone. She tries to seduce, and sleep with, both the man and his girlfriend in an attempt to gain their trust and escape.


  • India Allen
  • Michelle Moffett
  • David Naughton

Erotic Plot[edit]

Plot development is surprisingly strong for an erotic thriller. There are a few unlikely events, especially at the end of the movie, however, the overall erotic plot is well-developed.

Erotic Scenes[edit]

Erotic scenes are peppered throughout the movie with ample nudity. Two lesbian sex scenes are also present.

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